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Wednesday, 19-Sep-2007 03:02
+ not just weddings... +

+ for the past few weeks ( if not months ), pretty peektures' fotopage as well as mine had seen no update. hehehe.. and for the same duration too, people keep on asking where's the updates, who's the latest anak datuks or the best line .." bisnes merudum la nih "... LOL

well, frankly speaking, to be honest, we do had a few 'big jobs' or anak somebody's weddings for the past few weeks ( if not months ) tapi takdelah sampai bertitle " personal photographer to ...... " hee hee but my two designers / editors are almost burnt out churning out albums and nowadays even me had to help them out in editing and designing juggling in between entertaining clients, shooting events & commercial jobs, running here & there printing albums etc and much more. in short, for us to conveniently upload peeks on our fotopage or website is a far fetched dream at the moment!

phew! i think myself too will burnt out anytime soon!

and alhamdulillah, apart from weddings, we're also doing some shoots for other than weddings. yeay!

but it is also an intriguing issue to think when some new photographers keep on asking when will there be any new updates. aha! gotcha! LOL not to say that my team's work are that 'terer' people would like to copy but when you see shots that you always do and show it at our fotopage suddenly appears at other newbie's fotopage, BANG! then that's when you start to think.. hmMmmMmmm...

anyway photographers do admire each other's work or in other word, photographer's do copy each other's work! LOL. that's a fact. but copying 100% is never a good practise instead, when we imitate, we try to improve it a t the same time. thus, to protect some of our latest style / technique / 'peekture', some of the best shots will not be shown anymore at our fotopage, website or even my flickr and it could only be viewed at our gallery in USJ. insyaallah it will be fully operational after raya.

ok. need to continue work. nanti clients kata tak buat album pulak, membebel kat fotopage. hehehehe +

+ cheers! +

+ m i n +

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