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Wednesday, 20-Jun-2007 04:33
+ natural light : sidelighting +
not long time ago a friend / client of mine asked me to shoot for her gubahan hantaran biz. well, of course, for me to shoot i had to charge her the lowest professional fee that i could. but i also taught her how to shoot her hantarans should budget is her constrain. and insyaallah she will get a professional-look result.

despite the powerful capability of expensive studio lighting equipments, there's nothing that can compete with the ultimate lighting source.... and best of all.. it's FREE! hehehhe.. i'm talking about the sun here.. created by God for His weak photographer servants.. hehehehe... i learnt this when i was doing my practical at Sulik Design Consultants. thanks en sulik! ( aka muniandy / ramasamy / ah beng photo etc at this fotopage.. heheheh LOL ).

if u're using a compact camera, then it would be easier! set your shooting mode to non-flash mode, set the ISO to manual - preferably ISO 100 or the lowest u can go and let your camera set the other variables i.e. aperture / speed etc. place your subject next to a window or an opened door. for this shot, i placed min jr. in front of our house door with the lights coming in lighting his side.. hehehe.. and to enhance the contrast, i tried to make the background as dark as possible by switching off any lights and covering any other light source. ada jugak some photographers like to place reflectors to the left ( in this case, your right ) just to highlight a bit the darker side.. well.. its up to u how u want ur pic to look at the end of the day.. but do have fun!!!

and one more thing, if u're shooting your baby, make sure u're always on the alert as their expression can change within seconds! so be alert!


ps : azril ada running nose masa shoot nih.. hence the running nose.. ciannn dia.. heheheh


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